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Training, Business Development and Counselling Services
Target members will be able to access relevant, life-changing training in various topics to enhance their knowledge, skills, attitude and practice (KSAP). In this process they will be able to discover their own strengths and capabilities and achieve their life goals. Moreover, business development and counselling services will be provided based on dire needs of the target groups.

Organizing and institutions development
Target members will be organized into savings and credit cooperatives and other forms of institutions to access financial services, create collective voice and ensure continuity to receiving various development services. Moreover, the institutions built will receive capacity building services to provide effective and sustainable services to their members.

Creating platforms
Target groups will take part in dialogues, forums, workshops and conversation groups to build their awareness on women’s empowerment and gender equality, agency building, male engagement and other key issues related to the mission and vision of the Organization. The platforms will serve to bring on board family members, community leaders and other stakeholders. Moreover, they can be used to advocate on women’s critical practical and strategic issues.

Partnerships and learning
WISE will forge strategic partnership with like-minded organizations to promote its good practices through provision of training and other services. In this process, outreach can be expanded to different parts of the country. Moreover, learning will happen through exchange of experiences in addition to learning from one’s own performance.