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Overarching Approach

The overarching approaches that are at the center of our programme are:

❖ Women-centered: women are at the center of WISE’s programme interventions that are designed to enhance personal capacities and economic powers.

❖ Asset-Based Citizen-led Development (ABCD): focuses on discovering and mobilizing resources from within. Based on this approach, programmes are designed to encourage target women to look inward and search for existing strengths and capacities and recognize their half-full glass than their glass of half-empty with needs.

❖ Building agency: enhancing the target women’s knowledge, skills, attitude and practice-based transformative women's leadership in their households, businesses, communities and cooperatives.

❖ Organizing: bringing the target women together for creating access to financial services, collective voice and sustainable development.

❖ Reaching out through strategic partnerships: promoting the replication of WISE’s good practices and provision of services to likeminded organizations. Sharing of resources as well as lessons and taking part in building collective voice to advocate for disadvantaged women.

❖ Holistic: interventions aim to provide holistic support to the target women. Moreover, programmes also include activities to engage men in women's empowerment.

❖ Context-specific: designed programmes always consider the existing context, including the capacity and experience of WISE, in which various sub groups within target groups operate and the situations of certain sub-groups that demand customized intervention despite overall similarities of programme packages.

❖ Evidence-based and experience-informed: WISE as a learning organization implements the Action/Experiential Learning philosophy on a continual basis.